PolitoMuse’s Handy Voting Guide

Today is the big day! A few last minute tips and tricks to help you out.

You can either view this summary of recommendations on your mobile phone or print the post (see icon at the bottom of post) and bring with you to the polling place.

Happy Voting!

Statewide Candidates

Governor – Jerry Brown

US Senate – Barbara Boxer

LT Governor – Gavin Newsom

Sec. State – Debra Bowen

Controller – John Chiang

Treasurer –Bill Lockyer

Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Insurance commissioner – Dave Jones


Prop 19 – Yes

Prop 20 – No

Prop 21 – No

Prop 22 – No

Prop 23 – No

Prop 24 – No

Prop 25 – Yes

Prop 26 – No

Prop 27 – No

Local  Candidates

U.S. Rep. District 11 – Jerry McNerney

S.C. Board of Sups Dist. 1 – Wasserman

Morgan Hill Mayor – Steve Tate

Bay Area Measures

Measure A – Yes

Measure B – Yes

Measure C – No

Measure L – No

Measure U – Yes

Measure V – Yes

Measure W – Yes



  1. #1 by PHriends4Life on November 2, 2010 - 9:06 am

    Shanx Politomuse!! This is fantastic! You might want to send this out to your normal mailing list, in case people didn’t “get” the transition. I know my parents didn’t. Also, you should sign your parents up for the email notifications, since I guarantee you that they did not figure that part out. :-). Also, you might want to post a link on FB! 🙂

  2. #2 by politomaven on November 2, 2010 - 11:17 am

    Thx PHriends4Life! Glad the information has been useful. We’re exploring how we can make the site even more user-friendly for all our readers. We are on Twitter – @politomuse for those that prefer to get updates that way. Happy Election Day!

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