SEAT 5 – Alexis Cerul

We are going a bit “off the board” by endorsing Alex Cerul, a court research attorney over experienced trial attorneys Paul Colin and Chris Cobey.  Research attorneys generally work behind the scenes and are rarely seen by the public.  They are the “brains” behind the court and learn to both work cooperatively within the judicial bureaucracy while also being fastidious students of law.  Cerul has headed up research attorney group for the criminal division of the local court since 1998.  We think he deserves an opportunity to transition the scholarly approach he has employed into the courtroom.  For more information see

Seat 7 – Cynthia Sevely

Sevely is a well-respected District Attorney who was politically tied to the former District Attorney prior to her ouster.  Although Sevely’s political cache has dropped somewhat as a result of the change of leadership in the D.A.’s office her abilities have not.  While we feel the S.C. bench is heavily saturated with former District Attorneys, Sevely has earned the respect of both defense attorneys and prosecutors and appears to have the right temperament and outlook to be a good Superior Court judge.   For more information see

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