California Propositions 35 and 36 – PolitoMuse Urges Opposite Votes On These 2 Criminal Statutes

Proposition 35 seeks to increase the penalty for California-based human trafficking.  We aren’t sure what that is, and it turns out neither do the drafters of the proposition.  The result is a proposition that criminalizes both forcing people into prostitution, and arguably, forcing your kid to do his or her chores.  That, among other reasons, is why PolitoMuse sides with the small cadre of self-described “sex workers” (we’re sure our mothers are so proud) to oppose this well-intentioned but severely defective proposition.

Proposition 36 by contrast, is a very narrowly tailored law that changes the existing 3-strikes law by removing the ability to charge most non-serious or non-violent felonies as a 3rd Strike and allows those currently serving a life sentence for such non-serious or non-violent felonies to request re-sentencing so long as those criminals had not previously been convicted of rape, murder or child molestation.  We think this change in the law aligns 3-strikes more closely to the intentions of the electorate when it originally passed the law in 1994,  it dramatically reduces prison costs, and it provides a more just result.  


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