“Yes” and “No” (and “No”) – PolitoMuse Analyzes California Propositions 37, 39 and 40

California’s Proposition 37 could probably be dismissed because of its haphazard regulation scheme but at the proposition’s core is a growing public discomfort with genetically engineered foods and the monstrous agribusiness forces behind it.  We decided to reach out to one of our PolitoPals for help in trying to wade through the science.  We think the analysis provides some interesting food for thought (and we promise it won’t make you grow reptilian scales… we think).

We analyze California Proposition 39 and its efforts to close a 3-year old tax loophole created by Republican lawmakers in the dead of night.  Finally, we join others scratching their heads about Proposition 40, a referendum that is no longer backed by its own backers.  If that isn’t confusing enough, in order to defeat the referendum you need to vote “yes.”

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