Education is our theme of the day – Propositions 51 and 58 analysis

Who doesn’t want more funding for California schools? Seems like election cycle one of these “support our schools” propositions appears on the ballot. But read our Proposition 51 analysis to see if the ends justify the means.

Our second education related proposition is focused on “Removing disincentives for Bi-Lingual Education” While many may see this as a niche issue, Proposition 58 is attempting to address the challenge of getting California’s 1.4 million English learners – more than a fifth of all public school students in the state – to English proficiency. Checkout our Proposition 58 analysis to learn more.

And for a complete list of our November proposition analysis here



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  1. #1 by bronzeaward2016 on November 3, 2016 - 10:53 am

    I wish you would put your position at the top of each section!

    Completely agree with you on Prop 58 but sad that you missed the racist intent and effect of 227 and opponents of 58.

    Am also guessing you don’t have any children or if you do they’re not in public schools with serious facilities issues…if so I think you’d have a little realism to ground your lofty musings.

    • #2 by politoesq on November 3, 2016 - 11:24 am

      Thanks for the feedback. We think there is a good argument to be made that 227 in particular was motivated by ethnocentric if not racist motives for some but not all of its supporters; we have similar suspicions about some of the very few opponents to Prop 58 (ahem, Mr. Unz), but did not find evidence to support that feeling (we don’t tend to think our feelings should matter much to our readers). But we don’t think those motivations colored the Merc’s Editorial Board in their analysis — which is why we tried to focus on their arguments. Also, we try to give credence to opposing viewpoints and argue against them with facts; we’d have a hard time doing that with true racism. On that front we’d kind of just shrug and shake our heads, which doesn’t tend to advance the discussion.

      Some of Politomuse’s contributors have kids in public schools and some don’t and you are right that our experiences color our realities. We’re not disputing that our schools (especially facilities) need investment. But the “first come first served” approach found in Prop 51 we think wouldn’t benefit those who need the investment the most.

      Most of all though, we’re just really pleased that you think that our musings are lofty.

      Thanks for reading a providing thoughtful feedback.

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