It’s go time


Ok. We’ve analyzed. You’ve analyzed. You’ve stopped answering unknown callers on your cell phone because you can’t deal with another campaign volunteer. We’ve all done our duty and are maybe juuuust a tad sick of this election cycle so there is only one step left.

We’ve been asked for a cheat sheet of our recommendations – we think the analysis is actually the important part as you need to make the final call. But as requested, here are the short versions with links to each of the, gulp, 17 Propositions:

We’ve also made a few recommendations on some races throughout the state; admittedly with far less analysis and cited reference support.

President: Hilary Clinton

U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris

U.S. Congress:

10th Congressional : Michael Eggman

17th Congressional: Ro Khanna

18th Congressional: Anna Eshoo

19th Congressional: Zoe Lofgren

20th Congressional: Jimmy Panetta

21st Congressional: Emilio Huerta

25th Congressional: Bryan Caforio

49th Congressional: Doug Applegate

State Assembly:

27th Assembly District: Ash Kalra

28th Assembly District: Evan Low

Happy voting!

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