If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

-Thomas Jefferson

The History of PolitoMuse

PolitoMuse was the brain child of two unlikely authors – a Silicon Valley consultant and a trial attorney.  For many years each were individually asked by friends, co-workers, and family what they thought of individual candidates and propositions around election time.  The friends seemed to have realized that the two were political junkies who were politically geeky enough to know the conditions under which a voter could vote with a provisional ballot or the environmental record of a particular candidate.

PolitoEsq eventually formed a word document with in-depth analysis on the propositions.  The document would inevitably be sent out at the midnight hour to his personal mailing list. Eventually PolitoMaven suggested changes (read: she made it readable and occasionally provided a dissenting voice) and added an analysis of state-wide candidates. As the years progressed the analysis document became a perennial event, the list of friends grew, and the demand increased as well. Soon the two started circulating updates and changes to the analysis as friends provided useful information and arguments pro and con.

At one of their high powered Silicon Valley lunches at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken (PolitoEsq is an Extra Crispy guy while PolitoMaven favors the classic Original Recipe – proof that differing opinions can still be civil) they decided to formalize their thoughts and recommendations in a blog – PolitoMuse.

The purpose of the original analysis document and of the PolitoMuse project is to get people engaged in the election process.  We can think of no better way of doing that than by allowing folks to post their comments directly online in the hopes that the discussion itself will spur interest in others.  We work hard to provide a rational analysis of the propositions and candidates that we review.  Our hope is that you agree with our conclusions – because, well, we think we’re right – but whether you agree or disagree with us, dissent or join, we hope that you find the analysis and information on PolitoMuse to be rational, reasonable, and useful, no matter what your political leaning or inclination.  Above all we hope that you will eschew the modern societal trend against political involvement, will think about the important issues that we must decide upon in this election, and will share that thinking with others both here and in your face-to-face interactions with friends.

About PolitoEsq

PolitoEsq is most often identified by his profession:  He’s an attorney.  He finds that a bit odd, but he goes with it.  Perhaps its fair as it is a key part of who he is.  With experience as a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and extensive experience in business litigation and intellectual property he does have a certain penchant for analysis… or perhaps over-analysis.  He also uses words like “penchant” but you shouldn’t hold that against him.  He likes to think he can view multiple sides of an issue and likes to give credit to good arguments even if he disagrees with them.  He also strongly believes that KFC extra-crispy is really the only way to go and he secretly questions PolitoMaven’s sanity when she orders original recipe.  He is generally fiscally cautious and tends to try to analyze things from both a social and economic standpoint believing that both are important but that social advancement is difficult when the economics don’t add up. PolitoEsq has a close family that he loves dearly and a very hectic schedule, which he hates.  He also loves hockey and can’t really think of anything more soothing than the sound of a beautifully executed slap-shot.

About PolitoMaven

PolitoMaven’s political geekness began in childhood, when her family would gather around the TV to watch gavel to gavel coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions.  Heated dinner conversations would usually follow after watching Walter Cronkite and 60 Minutes with her family, who represented a broad political spectrum: from socialist to conservative.  At 16, she begged her Dad to let her complete his sample ballot because she was too young to vote – she was immediately bitten by the election bug. Later she would be active in local causes and politics, and earn her degree with a double major of Business Administration and Political Science.  But alas she was seduced by the Dark Side of the Silicon Valley private sector, holding various positions at the technological usual suspects before launching her consulting practice. PolitoMaven is determined to get PolitoEsq to see superiority of KFC’s Original Recipe. Although she has been known to watch and even DVR C-SPAN, PolitoMaven also enjoys her family, cooking and NHL hockey.

Contact us at politomuse@gmail.com

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