Proposition 40

Rejects Or Approves Redistricting Maps Drawn By Committee

State Senate districts are revised every ten years following the federal census. This year, the voter-approved California Citizens Redistricting Commission revised the boundaries of the 40 Senate districts. According to the redistricting rules (revised by voters most recently in 2008) maps drawn by the Commission may be challenged through the referendum process (note: this differs from a proposition in that it does not enact any law; the referendum merely allows voters to accept or reject the Commission’s work product).  This is such a challenge.  If successful, the current maps would be thrown out and the Supreme Court would be called upon to appoint special officials (likely retired judges) to draw a new map.

We can’t really think of a reason to vote against this referendum except possibly in protest over the exceedingly unfair statements made by the “yes” folks in their official ballot argument.   Statements made even more obnoxious by the fact that the proponents of the referendum (those who would urge rejection of the maps [a “no” vote] – yes, we too think its confusing that “proponents” would urge a “no” vote) have had the good grace to state in the official ballot that they no longer urge a “no” vote.


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