November 2016 Select Candidates

Okay for this year let’s call this PolitoMuse Candidate analysis-lite! Here is a list of select candidates who have our endorsement.

President: Yep, we’re with her: Hillary Clinton

Congressional Districts

One note on California congressional races – we now have what politicos call a “jungle” or open primary system where the two top vote getters advance on to the general election. So if you have that deja vu feeling of “didn’t I already pick one of these candidates?” you very well may have.

10th Congressional : Michael Eggman

17th District- STRONG: Ro Khanna

So in our 2016 endorsement of Ro Khanna we wrote “Ultimately, it’s not that Honda is doing a horrible job, it’s just that Khanna seems to bring more promise and energy.” 

What a difference 2 years make. 

Seven-term incumbent Mike Honda, who faces his third challenge by Ro Khanna, has gone from  being that quirky uncle who drinks too much and naps in important meetings to epitome of the corrupt slimy politician. Ethics probes have found his office allowed the improper coordination of paid staff working on his campaign, Honda has really gone off the rails with a recent anti-Khanna commercial that was patently false at best and xenophobic at worst. As a Japanese American who spent time in an internment camp, we find this stereotyping of Mr. Khanna’s particularly disgraceful. 

And we believe that Ro Khanna has the platform and understanding of Silicon Valley needs to bring a fresh perspective to DC.

18th Congressional: Anna Eshoo

19th District- Zoe Lofgren

Still love our Zoe!  Checkout previous endorsement which we think sill holds true.

20th Congressional: Jimmy Panetta

21st Congressional: Emilio Huerta

25th Congressional: Bryan Caforio

49th District- STRONG: Doug Applegate

Oh karma can be a bitch.

Infamous Rep. Darrel Issa was the former chair of the House Oversight Committee, who loved the limelight in dragging the Obama administration for Benghazi, IRS, Solyndra,, etc. For 16 years, he’s demolished Democratic contenders with his safe district and self funded campaign (nice when you’re estimated net worth of $254 million) and hasn’t had to even put up a lawn sign. But as the fable goes, sometimes Goliath doesn’t notice David rolling up beside him.

In late 2015, Doug Applegate,  a retired Marine colonel and trial attorney felt “embarrassed by Darrell Issa” and thought changing district demographics could give him a shot. He ran in the primary with a whopping $53,000 to Issa’s $3.7 million war chest.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box, Applegate finished just 5 points behind and earned the 2nd spot on the November ballot. After doing additional polling and realizing Issa’s support was dropping, the Democratic Congressional Committee dropped over $2million in the race.

October was not a good month for Issa. On the same day that Issa announced “Trump was the obvious choice” and was joining Trump’s national security advisory board (whatever that is) Trump’s Access Hollywood tapes hit the media.  Oops. He denounced the comments but refused to rescind his endorsement. And for reasons that elude even the most conservative pundits, he released a commercial with Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement.

But more than just being anti-Issa we like Applegate’s positions on environment, immigration reform, veterans issues, ACA, foreign affairs, LGBTQ,  and criminal justice. While initially concerned about a couple restraining orders during a contentious divorce, we’re comfortable in our support because court never found evidence of wrongdoing and his ex-wife has fully endorsed him.

Applegate for the 49th!

State Assembly:

27th Assembly District: Ash Kalra

28th Assembly District: Evan Low



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