November 2016 State Propositions

For long-time subscribers to this forum, you already know this disclaimer: Politomuse is exceedingly anti-“proposition” so we start most of our analysis from a default “no” position. We find propositions destructive because we think they are the ultimate special interest tool, amount to legislation by sound-bite (call us crazy, but we suspect most folks don’t spend the time to analyze these propositions), and they remove discretion from the hands of those we elect as our representatives to investigate and decide these issues.

Here are links to the proposition analysis for this election:

Proposition 51

Proposition 52

Proposition 53

Proposition 54

Proposition 55

Proposition 56

Proposition 57

Proposition 58

Proposition 59

Proposition 60

Proposition 61

Propositions 62 & 66

Proposition 63

Proposition 64

Propositions 65 & 67

And that’s a wrap on this elections propositions!

Even if you don’t ultimately agree with our final recommendations, we hope you find the research and analysis helpful.

Happy Voting!

  1. #1 by Jaime on November 5, 2016 - 3:08 pm

    Missed in the analysis is the fact that CNA (California nurses association) is a major organization in favor of 61. Cheers! It’s. Almost. Tuesday.

  1. And now some propositions from the sin bin… | PolitoMuse
  2. Education is our theme of the day – Propositions 51 and 58 analysis | PolitoMuse

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