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GO VOTE — PolitoMuse Offers Complete Analysis on All 11 California Propositions And Selected Local Measures

Visit the PolitoMuse Propositions page for complete independent analysis of each of California proposition on this November’s ballot and the PolitoMuse Local Measures page for selected Measures.  Agree with us, disagree with us, post and vent, but whatever you do, fulfill you duty to educate yourself about the issues and then exercise your right to vote.

PolitoMuse State Proposition Recommendations:

PolitoMuse Selected Local Measure Recommendations:

We urge you to re-post the PolitoMuse URL on your personal network pages (Facebook etc), wear your “I Voted” sticker, and urge your friends and family to learn, debate, motivate, and VOTE.  Votes matter – just ask Mr. Dewey.


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California Joins 21st Century – Offers Online Voter Reg

Yes that’s right – California has rolled out its online voter registration via an online application. This is especially great for you Silicon Valley readers, who have forgotten how to do anything that involves a piece of paper or a pen. You can find the online application here and some helpful FAQs.

You need to re-register to vote when:

  • You move to a new permanent residence,
  • You change your name, or
  • You change your political party choice.

Not sure if you are correctly registered?  Click here to find a complete list of all California County Election sites and check your status.

Californian’s registration must be postmarked or electronically submitted no later than October 22, 2012.

As of September 5th, 2012  17,259,680 people (representing 72.58% of eligible California voters) have registered to vote.

Make sure you are one of them!

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PolitoMuse Is Getting Ready For the November 6, 2012 Elections


As we update our website for the upcoming November 6 elections, we will be rolling out analyses of selected propositions, starting with a comprehensive comparative analysis of two key tax proposals in propositions 30 and 38.  Make sure to click “email subscription” on the right hand side of the site to ensure that you get notification of our posts during the election cycle and then watch your email to “confirm” your subscription.

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The Importance of Respecting Election Outcomes

The most amazing thing happened after the presidential election of 1800. Thomas Jefferson assumed the Presidency representing the first peaceful transition between opposing political parties. By today’s standards, this may seem as commonplace as ordering your Starbucks latte with soymilk.  But at the time, this transition of political power from one group to another – specifically one that did not require a war or a beheading – was radical.

And it wasn’t as if the presidential election wasn’t mired in drama, contentious disagreements, or controversy. Democrat-Republican Party candidates Jefferson and Aaron Burr were challenging incumbent Federalist John Adams. Key campaign issues? But wait, there’s more

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I Thought I Couldn’t Vote Because….

  • I moved within my county and forgot to re-register!

No problem – go to your correct precinct, or any precinct within your county and ask for a provisional ballot.  Your provisional ballot will be verified after the election and your votes for all offices, propositions and measures to which you were entitled to vote (based on where you live) will be counted.

Unfortunately, if you moved out of your county your vote cannot be counted unless you re-registered.

  • I’m registered to Vote-by-Mail but I lost my ballot!

No problem.  Go to your voting precinct and tell the precinct captain your ballot was lost, destroyed, or eaten by your dog.  No matter what, make sure you get a provisional ballot — so long as you are not voting twice, your provisional ballot vote will be counted.

Stil have your Vote-by-Mail ballot.  That’s OK too, just surrender it at your polling place and you can vote in person.

  • My name isn’t on the polling roster at my precinct!

Not your problem.  Mistakes happen, just ask for a provisional ballot.  So long as you are in the right county (kinda hard to miss that one) your vote will count.

  • I’d love to vote on Tuesday, but November 2 is my pet rock’s birthday and we plan to fly to Vegas!

Well, you’ve got to have your priorities… Its OK, though, you can vote early.  Check your local county’s website (click on the link under “Useful Resources” on the right side of the PolitoMuse homepage) for you “Early Voting” location and git-er-done!

  • Where is my polling place again?

Checkout the California Secretary of State’s “Find Your Polling Place” page and select your county.  We have a lot of Silicon Valley (i.e., Santa Clara County) readers so here is your link

  • Oh crap I’ve procrastinated and didn’t mail by Vote By Mail (aka absentee ballot) yet, can I still vote?

Yes! You have two other options for getting your vote in and counted.  Some of this varies by county a bit, so check your county elections official for specifics.

  1. Return it in person to a polling place or elections office in your county before or on Elections Day. Many counties will have authorized VBM ballot drop-offs locations, like City Halls for your convenience.
  2. Authorize a relative or person living in the same household as you to return the ballot on your behalf.
  • I sent in my Vote By Mail/provisional ballot but how do I know it was counted?

After that whole dangling chad incident in Florida, people have gotten awfully persnickety about knowing whether or not their ballot was counted. Well good news, there is a law for that. Under the Federal Help America Vote Act of 2002, every voter who casts a provisional ballot is entitled to find out from his/her county elections official if the ballot was counted and if not, the reason why it was not counted. Similarly, the Elections Code section 3017, vote by mail voters can also track their ballots.  Again this tracking process varies by county so click here to find the appropriate website or phone number by county to track your ballot.

Voting is a privilege, a right, and a duty.  Learn the positions of the candidates, analyze the propositions and measures, and make your vote count.


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Raising the PolitoMuse Flag

PolitoMuse is a project of two neophyte political junkies reluctantly pressed into action to educate, illuminate and perhaps amuse an electorate pressed into service by a self-inflicted election process that demands an unreasonable effort from a listless and detached citizenry.  Our project has its roots in an election analysis document created years ago and circulated to friends and family.  As the years progressed the analysis document became a perennial event, the list of friends grew, and the demand for the analysis increased.

Soon we started circulating updates and changes to the analysis as friends provided useful information and arguments pro and con.  The purpose of the original analysis document and of the PolitoMuse project is to get people engaged in the election process.  We can think of no better way of doing that than by allowing folks to post their comments directly on the site in the hopes that the discussion itself will spur interest in others.  We work hard to provide a rational analysis of the propositions and candidates that we review.  Our hope is that you agree with our conclusions – because, well, we think we’re right – but whether you agree or disagree with us, dissent or join, we hope that you find the analysis and information on PolitoMuse to be rational, reasonable, and useful, no matter what your political leaning or inclination.

Above all we hope that you will eschew the modern societal trend against political involvement, will think about the important issues that we must decide upon in this election, and will share that thinking with others both here and in your face-to-face interactions with friends.

Learn more about the two political junkies who created PolitoMuse

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