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GO VOTE — PolitoMuse Offers Complete Analysis on All 11 California Propositions And Selected Local Measures

Visit the PolitoMuse Propositions page for complete independent analysis of each of California proposition on this November’s ballot and the PolitoMuse Local Measures page for selected Measures.  Agree with us, disagree with us, post and vent, but whatever you do, fulfill you duty to educate yourself about the issues and then exercise your right to vote.

PolitoMuse State Proposition Recommendations:

PolitoMuse Selected Local Measure Recommendations:

We urge you to re-post the PolitoMuse URL on your personal network pages (Facebook etc), wear your “I Voted” sticker, and urge your friends and family to learn, debate, motivate, and VOTE.  Votes matter – just ask Mr. Dewey.


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Checkout new Local Measures Analysis for June Primary

Fresh off the blog press! Our analysis on the Local Measures A, B, and C. Checkout on our new Local Measures page 

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New Analysis & Recs for Select SJ & SCC Measures

By popular request – we’ve added a new page with Santa Clara County and San Jose local measures.  If you have a local measure you’d like PolitoMuse to review, please drop us a line at or comment below.  If there is enough interest we’ll give it a go!

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