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And now some propositions from the sin bin…

Yes today we have analysis on the latest “sin tax” on tobacco. Is increasing tobacco tax 325% a good thing? Read our Proposition 56 analysis to learn more.

Yes and just when you thought the California proposition process couldn’t get any weirder, we bring you Proposition 60 – Condoms Required in Adult Films. Check out our Proposition 60 Analysis

Since we haven’t done a blog post on every proposition analysis, some PolitoMuse readers didn’t realize we have actually done 10 so far. Bookmark our November 2016 Propositions page for the latest and greatest.

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GO VOTE — PolitoMuse Offers Complete Analysis on All 11 California Propositions And Selected Local Measures

Visit the PolitoMuse Propositions page for complete independent analysis of each of California proposition on this November’s ballot and the PolitoMuse Local Measures page for selected Measures.  Agree with us, disagree with us, post and vent, but whatever you do, fulfill you duty to educate yourself about the issues and then exercise your right to vote.

PolitoMuse State Proposition Recommendations:

PolitoMuse Selected Local Measure Recommendations:

We urge you to re-post the PolitoMuse URL on your personal network pages (Facebook etc), wear your “I Voted” sticker, and urge your friends and family to learn, debate, motivate, and VOTE.  Votes matter – just ask Mr. Dewey.

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Prop 31 – PolitoMuse Urges Throwing This Baby Out With The Bath

See our analysis of California’s Proposition 31 and its mishmash of various purported reforms.  Some of the ideas are good, some are bad, and some are none-of-the above.  Overall, we don’t think this watered down “reform” plan does anything to “advance the ball” on the key state issues that call out for government reform.

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California Propositions 35 and 36 – PolitoMuse Urges Opposite Votes On These 2 Criminal Statutes

Proposition 35 seeks to increase the penalty for California-based human trafficking.  We aren’t sure what that is, and it turns out neither do the drafters of the proposition.  The result is a proposition that criminalizes both forcing people into prostitution, and arguably, forcing your kid to do his or her chores.  That, among other reasons, is why PolitoMuse sides with the small cadre of self-described “sex workers” (we’re sure our mothers are so proud) to oppose this well-intentioned but severely defective proposition.

Proposition 36 by contrast, is a very narrowly tailored law that changes the existing 3-strikes law by removing the ability to charge most non-serious or non-violent felonies as a 3rd Strike and allows those currently serving a life sentence for such non-serious or non-violent felonies to request re-sentencing so long as those criminals had not previously been convicted of rape, murder or child molestation.  We think this change in the law aligns 3-strikes more closely to the intentions of the electorate when it originally passed the law in 1994,  it dramatically reduces prison costs, and it provides a more just result.  

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PolitoMuse urges a “Yes” vote on Proposition 34

We carefully analyze the weighty pro and con arguments relating to Proposition 34 and conclude that it is one of those rare propositions that properly presents a well-reasoned change in state policy.  This particular change resolves a number of real problems while resulting in a net savings of tens of millions of dollars to state and county budgets.  We like that.  Agree?  Disagree?  Post your equally well-reasoned responses at the bottom of the analysis page.

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PolitoMuse Is Getting Ready For the November 6, 2012 Elections


As we update our website for the upcoming November 6 elections, we will be rolling out analyses of selected propositions, starting with a comprehensive comparative analysis of two key tax proposals in propositions 30 and 38.  Make sure to click “email subscription” on the right hand side of the site to ensure that you get notification of our posts during the election cycle and then watch your email to “confirm” your subscription.

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